Linda Chilton: Embroiderer  

Hello and welcome to my website, please take a look at my gallery of work.

I particularly enjoy the colour and texture of stitched  textiles. I am inspired by gardens and landscapes and the feelings and memories associated with them. Walking alone in the landscape, sketching and taking photographs, is the beginning of a piece of work for me. I then sort the images in the studio, and try to arrive at a design for a textile, making diagrams I sell my work at exhibitions and in galleries. I also accept commissions. I have exhibited in London and in Japan, as well as at events all over Southern England. My work is in collections worldwide. I have a number of patrons who have collected my work over the years. I have a large piece commissioned and displayed by the Museum of Garden History in London. Although I enjoy travelling, English gardens and landscape inform my work.

All my work is on wool/acrylic felt, which I buy prepared for dyeing. I stretch the fabric on a board, and wash it over with acrylic paint in the main colour areas of the design. When this is dry, I add stitching, layering and mixing the coloured thread

My work ranges in size from small pieces , say 20 cm by 10 cm o much larger pieces 1m by 2m . Normally the framed work is glazed to protect it.

All my work is original though I do occasionally produce limited and open edition  prints. I also produce a series of reproductions of my work as greetings cards